The Author

All my life I loved stories. I fell into them like slipping into a warm river that took me effortlessly to South-west Texas, Kathmandu, The Simpson Desert, Timbuctoo, and endless other mythical places. Beguiling characters drifted across my story landscape like wraiths, informing my value system and driving the evolution of my passions.
Over my lifetime my views, interests, thoughts, and opinions have changed along with my vocations. Craftsman, Teacher, Educationalist, Aid Project Manager, Academic Writer, Project Manager, and itinerant traveller. I write in ‘SCROVEL’, an amalgamation of a screenplay and a novel. The genre is designed to play in the reader’s mind as if they are watching a ‘movie’ as they travel through the book. Scenes replace chapters and all introspective text is stripped away leaving only locations and dialogue.