New Book Launch: BUNYIP

BUNYIP: A mythical creature from Australia’s ancient history. It is believed by some that the blood and flesh from the BUNYIP can miraculously speed the healing process.  On a remote cattle station in the Simpson Desert a cattleman kills an unidentified creature that is slaughtering his cattle. Within hours the story that a BUNYIP has been shot goes viral world-wide. For political reasons the story is given credibility by the Australian Government to divert attention from a potentially world-shattering news announcement. Powerful political lobbies and criminal forces relentlessly pursue the truth behind the BUNYIP legend. Challenging the issue of state-sponsored assassination, some possessions may be too big to be owned by a single person.

BUNYIP questions whether myth can ever be suppressed or destroyed, when sometimes reality can be tenuous and fragile.

BUNYIP is written in ‘SCROVEL,’ and amalgamation of a screenplay and a novel. All introspective text is removed, and the story is told in what can be seen and heard. The reader experiences the story as a virtual movie.

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