September 2022

Interesting times. LANGTRY’s film rights have been sold on to Lionsgate and paid for. No idea of production timescales, but at least the money is in my account and I can get on with other stuff. Long earnest discussions with Director by phone – on-going. Bought a new Quad Bike Bike to celebrate.

I’m still working with Aaron, my pro-screenwriter partner. We have pitched a new story treatment to Netflix, and they are going for it – WOW! Now I have to write it. The story has a draft title – BUNYIP. (Look it up…) It’s September 2022 now and I currently 42k words in (176 pages). Maybe 2/3 of the way there. I will pitch it as a SCROVEL. No idea if the publishers will go for it yet. Then Aaron and I will convert it to a SCREENPLAY for Netflix. So, TWO OUTCOMES. Lots to do. Onward and Upwards, Ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go.

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