Local Bookshop – Experience…

Hmm, went into my local bookshop at Porthmadog, Nth Wales. I had exchanged emails with them re a possible book signing event to promote local authors. They said ‘come in and we can discuss’… Well, my visit was very short to say the least. I took copies of Sinkhole and Langtry with me so they could see what my books looked like etc. My reception was hostile to say the least. The lady at the counter reluctantly glanced at my books, opened them in a very perfunctory way, pushed them back towards me grunting ‘these have zero market here’ and turned slightly away from me, terminating the conversation.

So if anyone ever tells you that Browsers Bookshop in Porthmadog supports local authors, I can tell you from very personal experience, that they do not. Less than 30 seconds review/rejection of a body of work that took two years of my life to write. At least I know that the books are successful because I get sales reports from Amazon, and real money is paid into my bank account.

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